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Gary Open Air

Korn: Greatest Hits.

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I was intrested in making a purchase of the Korn Greatest hits album the other day. But when looking at the track list I noticed that some of the classics were there, but on the other hand, found myself wallowing in my own crapulence, at the poor display of authentic awesome Korn songs.

The track list is below:

1. Word Up!

2. Another Brick in the Wall, Pts. 1-3

3. Y'All Want a Single

4. Right Now

5. Did My Time

6. Alone I Break

7. Here to Stay

8. Trash

9. Somebody Someone

10. Make Me Bad

11. Falling Away from Me

12. Got the Life

13. Freak on a Leash

14. Twist

15. A.D.I.D.A.S.

16. Clown

17. Shoots and Ladders

18. Blind

19. Freak on a Leash (remix)

Were are songs like 'Faggot', 'Ball Tongue', 'Daddy', 'Chi', 'No place to hide', 'Wicked', 'Its on', 'Children of the korn', 'All int he family', 'Beg For me', 'Counting', 'Dirty'... the list goes on and on as there are plenty more awesome tracks that have just been ignored.

And word up??? What are they actually doing? Brick in the wall on the other hand was done supreme justice I feel. Really had that dark heavy edge to it. :up:

What do you think?

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Yeah likewise, plus im having a major beef with 'Best of's at the moment even if i do understand why they put it out.

I have all the albums bar Issues and, i have that on the computer, dont really think its worth it for the pink floyd cover, seein as im so sick of the other cover i can barely listen to it (for various reasons).

Shaln't be bothering i dont think...

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if your a collective freak will you like to purchase my number six limited edition make me bad single?


but if u had the 3 promos from the first album i would i have almost everything else :rolleyes:

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