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Rock Night's!!!


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Music has changed in the past year.. The backlash against "Nu-Metal" has seen things take a distinctly Underground feel. Arguably this was a good thing as Nu-Metal was basically the first ever fully major sub genre of Rock music . Almost every band being on the same label and all owned by the same company.

Music has actually gotten heavier although at an underground level.

Loads of acts are pushing boundaries and producing music that is "heavy."

At the same time Rock music is very much in the mainstream as the dance market bottoms out.

Basically the last BIG Metal album was System Of A Down - Toxicity, even though the latest Linkin Park album has sold 7million+, and the last BIG "Punk" album was The Offspring - Americana....

These are meerly trends in music and the current trend is a metal tinged version of Original or US Hardcore.

Bands like Killswitch Engage and Poison The Well are making records that open the minds and combine many different sub genres. You also have acts like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, and even Aconite Thrill who play very complex metal with many jazz time signatures and different drum breaks.

It`s funny because if you take Refused... Arguably one of THE most influencial bands on the current crop of hardcore bands. The last time they played in London they played in a club called The Metro to about 30 people. They have split up and all gone on to do other things BUT if they were to reform and book a one off gig at The Brixton Academy, they`d easily sell it out.

The new Superjoint Ritual album is probably The Metal Album i`ve enjoyed the most for a long time although I`m more of a Hardcore/Jazz fan than other genres but am fully appreciating the Techy side of the metal scene.

I feel that at long last the UK metal scene is kicking some ass and showing that you don`t need to have a Californian accent to shift units and get your bands poster on the walls of angst ridden teenagers....

There are lots of heavy acts out there. You just need to go hunting and know where to look.

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Originally posted by skinhead

Aberdeen "ROCK" nights have gone soft.

Where can we go now?

This time last year the nights and the music were good, what has happened?

What has changed?

Is it this years breed of freshers?

Why have 'rock' nights gone soft?

What exactly has changed in your opinion?

The nights are pretty much the same..... and so is the music........

Why don't you start your own night somewhere? Especially if there are others like you out there? Surely it wouldn't be too difficult for you to find a venue and put on a night that YOU think people will like?

go for it :cheers:

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We try and cater for every genre. This means 20-30mins of the harder metal during the course of our Friday evening. This approach is deliberate as we're a bar as opposed to a club and we have to keep Mon-Thurs clear for regular (albeit recok orientated) trade. Sat and Sun are taken up with live music.

The advantage to our Friday approach is that it gives people the chance to broaden their horizons. I now like certain elements of nu metal that I wouldn't otherwise have gotten into. Lately my tastes are getting much heavier than they've ever been. I'm even re-evaluating old Megadeath stuff that I didn't used to 'get', but now I realise what I missed out on. That wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for Cee Jay playing System of a Down, Linkin Park, and Ramstein.

So ultimately the softening of Rock Nights may serve to introduce more people to your type of music. Funny as it may seem looking back, I remember the first time I listened to Iron Maiden Piece of Mind, AC/DC Highway to Hell, and The Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks - this must have been back around '83 - I had the phones on an old getto blaster and jeez I thought my brain was going to explode. Back then that was HEAVY shit... then my cousin played me some Metalica and it just sounded like someone shouting over the top of a nuclear explosion. Today it sounds tame, and I can make out all the words.

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