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  1. Completely New O.s Site Online Now!!!! After alot of hard work the new and improved version has been uploaded and is now live!!! The site features new sections, improved graphics and 100's of pictures in the new gallery. Enjoy and spread the word! www.obedienceschool.co.uk
  2. Email me - blairnichols@hotmail.com with more exact details. ta ra.
  3. Sorry for the delay in getting the pictures up!! (But I have no net connection at the moment cause bt suck and wont accept that the fault is there's not mine!!) I will try to sabotage the uni connection and upload it from there. Sorry again guys. Oh and by the way can everybody stop calling bt faults cause its real hard to get through right now.
  4. It all depends on your contract - If your contract/company policy states that you only have to give one months notice of holidays you should be fine and just go!! They cannot sack you or give you a warning ect. However if the contract/policy states that you must get approval from superiors you may have a problem as many contracts/policys have a clause that relates to the amount of people working on that day ect. Example - BT has over 200 people per department - basically all doing the same thing. But only 5 people can be off on holiday on the same day, no discussion they just say no!! Unless its compassionate leave. My advice just go!! Have a great time and if you do get into shit at work and get a bollocking you probably wont hear it anyway due to the constant ringing in your ears!!!
  5. I have just updated the site a wee bit with the addition of a rogues gallery. The pictures featured were taken at the last Obedience School fetish night, if you would like your picture added get in contact with me through the site and mail me your pic/s. The more fetish related the better!!! If you have no picture but want one, arrangements can be made for private photo shoots for nominal costs!! Let me knowMAIL ME Anyhoo check out the site!! www.obedienceschool.co.uk More updates later this week!!
  6. Yes the recipe was definatly perfect. The shows went well and without any mistakes, the music and lights were great, seemed to have something for everyone. Any roissy workshops really did a good job!! Yeah September!!!! Bring it on!!!!
  7. Wow what a night!!! My nipples are still pounding after a certain dominatrix incident (those who were there know what i am talking about!!!), and my head hurts from the after party. Rainbow princess - the pics will be up over the next couple of days Join the forum at www.obedienceschool.co.uk for updated and I will mass email all members when they are up!! Hey Tam - all is good, busy and still abit blurry from all there nights out!! And constantly staring at computer screens!!
  8. Cheers for the big up Mel That site was done out of the goodness of my heart as mel said, however if you like what you see and want a site designed, built or renewed get in contact through ether blairnichols.co.uk or obedienceschool.co.uk
  9. Well here is the spek!! sorry it took so long 1989 cr500 motor and frame 96 rear sing arm cb500 3 spoke wheels, custom black anodised forks with hand polished yolks. engine wise polished head custom reeds and port induction kit with my own motorised system to force more air in(fuck leaving it to mother nature) rebored custom rings, six speed gearbox with ALL moulding marks hand filed down. Full custom wiring loom with launch control( auto timing setting for take off ) nikon 48 mm carb polished inside and out ebc race cluch plates, magnesium covers everywhere possible. Oil resevoir removed and now uses frame as tank. Custom moulded fenders. One off tailpipe of a gsxr shortened!! 95 Kg 98bhp = fookin quick and its a 2 stroke hahahaahahahahahahahahh
  10. 98 V-Max had this since it was new. Only original parts left on it are the seat and the primary fuel tank. Some parts been modded 3x LOL. Now weighs 200KG and kicks out 150BHP, downgeared and good for a 1/4 in under 9. Almost unrecognisable as a Max to the untrained eye. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hmmmmmmm............??????????? Under 9 secs would love to see some proof. If its true I am well impressed!! And if so we could have a wee racey some time I love slaughtering superbikes!!
  11. yes the chlli vodka is kinda hot. rob i feel you should hold some sort of chilli vodka comp on wednesdays!!! I would enter for sure - and to wash it down between shots I would be more than willing to serve up/provide some of my world famous chilli sauce!!!! (I have indian friends who sqirm whilst eating it!!!!) Alternitavly it has a use for removing unwanted punters - better than mace and 100% legal. hehe
  12. Nah they were right! I have been pinned to the cage by doormen before. If you raise a hand or whatever they have to c that as a threat, remember generally u r drunk and they r sober. U may act erasionally. They have to be carefull. nuff said!! Merry crimbo to all!!!!
  13. Whats it to be then? Came along for a bit last wed but was a bit too pissed/slaughtered to join in, realy wanted a go in the sumo suits but feel it would have been a bad idea!!! Someone mentioned a gladiator type game but i did not take much notice as I was too incoherant!!! agh
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