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shane mcgowan on frank skinner...


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He's got the money, you'd think he'd just get them fixed. I mean, just how scared of a dentist can you be?

He could just get knocked out and have them all fixed in a oner.

Did you see the episode of the Osbournes where Ozzy goes to have his teeth polished and he's like 'more gas' 'OK Mr Osbourne' 'More gas' 'Erm OK Mr Osbourne' ' More Fucking Gas' 'It doesn't go any higher Mr Osbourne'

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Guest DustyDeviada

Met MacGowan in Dublin in July, and he is exactly the same in real life!

He's still all there though - he "signed" my copy of The Pogues' Peace and Love by drawing a speech bubble around the boxer on the front saying "I hate the fuckin..." leading up to the big "Pogues" on the cover, which was class. On the other side he wrote "Shane's cover, welcome to my cover", which was pretty good too.

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He's completely fucked, but he's still a pretty clever guy underneath it all. Drink has just utterly destroyed him. It was pretty sad seeing the clip form the eighties of the Pogues and comparing to how he is now. I thought it was sad when he said he was still in love too. And his laugh freaked me out.

Nevertheless, he was truly brilliant at the Lemon Tree at the beginning of the year, and i'm sure the Pogues will be brilliant in Glasgow in, hey, exactly two weeks! Back o the net! Never realised it was so close!

Anyone else catching either of the gigs? I cannae wait!

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