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Starfall at the Lemon Tree


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just a message to say that Starfall are playing a one-off gig at the Lemon Tree on December 11th with support from Strobing Goat, Seven Stone Under and The Band From U.N.C.L.E (???-that how you initial it? :) ). Could be a pretty good night I reckon!

Tickets 5 (3.25 concessions & regulars)

Doors Open: 9pm

Show Starts: 9.30pm


they're redesigning the website just now as well so it might not be available.forums should still be available though if you require any more information.

I'm personally looking forward to seeing them and see what the newer songs sound like!


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What happened to Starfall's drummer? There's not a mention of him on the front-page any more (the news item has disappeared) and his forum has vanished to. Is this an accident' date=' or some historical revisionism in the great tradition of your avatar? (This question is directed at [b']Mr. Tristen.)

Well I'm not an official for Starfall, I'm only the webmaster, but as I understand it Starfall did take on a drummer. The guy unfortunately never got enough cash together to get his kit and generally pissed around a lot then quit so he's gone. I think they said it may be an idea for the future but for now the lineup is staying as Luke, Cat and Mark.

So yes, was easier just to remove the article from history and hope nobody remembered. Damm guess this means I'll have to kill you now :p

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With regards to the new website, it is now semi up and running...

Starfall Online V2

Comments etc would be appreciated, also please remember it is still undergoing work. Incase anyone is interested, the main sites is just html and artwork done by Ryan Roberts (http://www.witchhunter.co.uk), using Photoshop if I remember right, with the individual sections programmed by myself in php and supported by an admin-end control panel. The model used is Dervana (aka Donna Ferenth).

Anyway, hope you like.

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