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  1. Beast from the East. I stopped reading them after getting stuck in a loop in those ones where you could choose what you wanted to do at the end of the page.
  2. The storylines were great. Except the end of MGS2, I never fully understood that. I liked the way they put real events into the storyline of MGS3, made it far more interesting and some people might actually learn something. Konami said they won't be making another after this, but they also said they wouldn't be making another after MGS2 so lets just hope they make a fourth.
  3. Yes, it is brilliant. However you cant rip up bags of flower like you could in MGS2 and smash plates and things. I tried and failed. I thought that Volgin was a bit stupid though, they could have put a better character in his place. Still a great game though.
  4. Chicken!


    The images being projected onto the screen and wall were pretty cool... although it got ruined slightly every time someone opened the door. I thought the guy djing at the beginning was good but he seemed to drag on for a little while using the same stuff..
  5. Chicken!


    I thought I could hear someone saying "shhhhh!" Could have turned up the sound a bit to try and drown out the talking.. but if it was too loud it would have ruined it. I really liked the venue. It had a nice atmosphere. The band were great but they weren't really the type of music I wanted to listen to on a Friday night... they were still great though
  6. I was on msn earlier. I tried to log on about 10 minutes ago and it wont let me, came up with some error. Restarted my pc and it still wont let me on. However, its come up with a different error this time.
  7. I agree with Haigyman on the hair growing issue. Hair keeps your head warm especially in Winter
  8. I'm glad I'm not in North Korea. *touches hair*
  9. Iron Maiden - Sign of the Cross
  10. Right.. Its 13.00 so whichs pubs are currently open?
  11. I'm finding it very hard to type and I'm shaking a quite a bit.. I'm so very very tired. If I look at the screen for too long I'll die
  12. I heard something about some christmas specials... but seeing as christmas has now passed I don't think thats happening.
  13. I can't believe people still use gay as an offensive word. Grow up. Family Guy is great. I wish they'd make some more.
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