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Covid 19 Lock-In

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I’m coping ok, my wife has mild symptoms so we’re in full-on self isolation for two weeks, can’t even go out for a walk or go out for milk. I’m pretty good at entertaining myself though and I’m actually kind of loving all the extra time to read books and read comics and play games. Classic introvert, ha. Obviously I am worried about my family and it sucks being so far away from them. It’s a scary ass fucking time, I think it’s important to concentrate on keeping yourself sane and doing whatever you need to do to get yourself through it. Spend as much time as you can doing things you enjoy, find escapism in whatever means works for you, try not to spend too much time reading the news sites and scrolling through social media because you’ll only freak yourself out. There’s literally fuck all you can do but concentrate on self care and look out for your loved ones.

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I'm all about staying indoors and dossing around the house. Working from home is ace too, because commuting is a thief of energy and joy. Rolling out of bed and into 'the office' is just great. 

But it's hard to really enjoy any of that when everything is so bleak. Worrying about family, worrying about if either of us will have jobs in a months time, constantly distracted by the news of 1000+ dying everyday. It's grim. 

I'm immuno compromised too, so I'm just paranoid as hell. Yelled at a jogger the other day who was nowhere near 2m away as be brushed past me on a not particularly narrow path. Fucking joggers have always acted like they own the pavements though. My hands are a wreckage from all the washing. Remember that episode of the office where Andy's hands are blistered up from hitting golf balls all night? My hands don't look too dissimilar. Got some blisties. 

These are the end times. 

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