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How About a Holiday For Musicians?


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How About a Holiday For Musicians? Kwanzaa was a made up "Johnny come lately"holiday that had nothing to do with African heritage and folks bought into that. Kwanzaa was invented so black folk could have their own holiday to celebrate during the Christmas season, which incidentally was stolen from the Druids by white folk so that religious people had something to celebrate during the winter solstice as the druids sacrificed lesser important folks to their gods. (And having a great time of it) 

So how about inventing a holiday to make musicians happy? Anyone have any good ideas for a name? I'm tired of telling people I don't celebrate Christmas and it would be nice to tell them, "I celebrate (fabricated holiday name here) to honor musicians past and present who were brought into bondage through the slick talking agents and hustlers in the music industry. 

That's part of our heritage as musicians. Naturally we would have a to depict some aspects of our slavery to legitimize our holiday, but with the brilliant musicians on BandMix I'm sure we could do it if we wanted to.

But then again, maybe we don't want to? :)



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