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The gentleman that is Alan Cynic!


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I believe Mr Cynic will be making a personal appearance as 'audience member' in Drummonds on Sunday, I'm hoping he'll be there around 5pm to sign autographs, meet his public etc... If you fancy coming along then I'll buy you a pint...

EDIT: Didn't mean this as a blatant plug, just thought it would be a good chance to meet up, like 'real people'...

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I'm all a-blush at having a thread!! :O

The good news (if you like music of quality) is that there are no Kitchen Cynics gigs coming up. The bad news is that it gives me a chance to get more songs recorded on the 12-track I got from Hog.

I'll definitely be at Drummonds for Suvara on Sunday....great music, lust-worthy band members, and horse-worrying. What more could you ask for??

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