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Pedal mods

James Broonbreed

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Just had a look at the cct diagram. Single op amp with enough compliance to drive a small speaker. I'm not familiar with the sound of it having never played one, but an additional amp section preceded by an attenuator pot would give you a master vol type control. You could crank up the current vol control to full for max distortion, the attenuator pot would control the vol without adding additional distortion much like a master vol. You would also need all the biasing, decoupling malarkey, in broad terms 40% of the existing comps again in terms of additional "stuff"

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Just skimmed over that... Cheers, I think.  At 12 o'clock, the micro amp doesn;t really do much, 3 o'clock gives a pretty decent amount of breakup and then max gives a proper nice crunch. The only probelm being that when I use it as a drive pedal in this way, ie off on off through a cleanish amp, the volume increase is too much and there's no control.


I'd rather keep this and add some sort of attenuation rather than just swapping it for a more conventional drive pedal as the sound is pretty much bang on what I'm after.


But yeah, I'm not too electronically minded and I'm a lazy cack handed shite when it comes to attempting DIY of this nature so if anyone can do it, there's a bar of marabou in it for them.

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