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Police warnings - advice!?!?

Niall - SubsidiaN

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I thought people can only compain after 10PM and before 8AM...so I'd say the "complainant" was chummy with a pig, or the pig dun't like your choonz.

Tell him to "go shit in his hat" and tell him rascist jokes, to keep him on your side.

how many police men does it take to break an egg ?

none, it fell down the stairs itself

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If someone complains the cops HAVE to go and deal. but if its within the acceptable times theres not much they can do other than ask you to turn it down in which case you turn it down a little but until they go away otherwise theyll probably 'do you' for being a bit shit. I think if the yget a second complaint they can do a bit more but thats never happened to me.

did that make sense, i dont know.


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