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Local Guitar Techs

Soda Jerk

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I'm looking for a local guitar tech who is able to do fret work. I have a couple of frets which need profiling, and neither of the shops in town are able to do it. Both have suggested taking it to Glasgow, which would be a pain. Anyone around here able to do that sort of thing? Even the Shire would be fine!

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Have you asked at Toms?  They used to have details for a guy.  Neil Scollay (former Eric Euan drummer) used to do some tech work but not sure if that's still the case.


Google suggests Kinnellar Guitars: http://www.kinellarguitars.co.uk/


I haven't asked Toms actually. I wasn't aware they did guitar tech stuff. I'll drop them a line.


I'll get in touch with Kinellar too, though can a website written in Comic Sans truly be trusted?


Rich Lewis in BoD - ou7shined@gmail.com


Cheers. I'll drop him a line.

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I have a guitar with Kinellar guitars at the moment. I can update you when I get it back but so far communication has been good. As for prices/work, I don't know yet. Still waiting on a full quote.


I was recommended him by asking other people on a musicians group so at least some people like his work!

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