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Where do I go?


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My 2 year old bass has recently started cutting out after playing a few songs. You can still hear it, but its very very quiet and fuzzy sounding. I was wondering if anyone could help me? I think it's just some sort of wiring problem, but I was wondering, other than R n B, where can I take it? Not that I have anything against R n B, I'm just exploring all my options.

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I dont know about anyone else' date=' but prosound "fixed" my guitar input, and did a horribly shoddy job of it that i discovered when i eventually re-wired it myself after it broke after a month![/quote']

In his defence if you had a problem with the repair carried out on your instrument you should have taken it back to Neil and gave him the opportunity to put it rite.

Not come on to internet forums and call him shoddy!

also jack sockets are very durable parts and often need repaired / replaced and if it work for a month before it went wrong and when it did go it was just a wire inside needed re-connected

that can just happen with connections inside guitars!

iv experienced usa Gibson les Paul s come from the states after being hand wired in the Gibson factory get shipped over here and need little bits of work done on them!

Iv been playing bass for 10 years and I have heaps of basses and Neil looks after all of them and I wouldnt let anyone else touch my stuff

there are also loads of guys all over Scotland and abroad

who only let Neil do there repairs

are they wrong?

concidering the huge volume of work undertaken by neil and the fact the amount of complaints are vertuly non existent i think that goes to show neil is far from Shoddy!

thank you

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