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Dancing Waters - A Musical Tribute To David Mackay


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IMP in conjunction with Alan Davidson are curating an evening of musical celebration for our good friend David Mackay. To celebrate this evening we delighted to announce a superb & fitting line-up in no particular order:-
Tunnels 1
Sun 31st March
Doors 7.30pm
Craig John Davidson,
The Matricarians,
Min Diesel,
Nackt Insecten,
The Sawers Sisters,
Seas Starry
Strawberry Wine DJ's.

Entry is on the door on the night
£4+ for students/unemployed etc

All profits from the evening will be donated to The Anchor Unit

The Facebook event is here, why not join & come along & support a fantastic cause for a missed friend


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This is This Sunday T1 going to be such a great appreciation of David from his music friends, one coming London, five from Glasgow & loads of great peeps from NE & Aberdeen all playing free in David's honour.



Nackt Insecten will be a three or four piece


A lot of work has gone into this night to make it special, if you can please come along you will be amonst friends  

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Matricarians are hoping to coax some brave souls to join us on theremin, etc We'll mostly be using singing bowls, zithers & racket-making stuff.


Sounds tempting....


Really looking forward to Sunday - it should be a good night.


[i accidentally clicked on the 'vote down' button instead of the 'quote' button on your post, and I can't seem to change it. Sorry about that, Alan.] 

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