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Some Tunes Recorded At Home


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Write lots of songs at home for fun, just thought I'de post some to let anyone hear. Mainly retro ish tunes pop/folk with synth sounds also. Also a cover of Guided by Voices track Exit Flagger here for a bit of a change for me !!



















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The first tune embedded reminds me a lot of The Magnetic Fields. I know comparisons are probably not what you're after, but it's a really nice little ditty and very pleasant on the ear. The vocal is certainly reminiscent of Bob Pollard's delivery, whom you've covered elsewhere. Like it.


The second embedded track sounds lush, but it is a bit of a plodder I think, and could benefit from a stronger chorus. I was waiting for a chorus to really kick in at some point, and it just never happened.


I'm a big Guided by Voices fan, so I gave the cover a listen and appreciated it. It's pretty faithful, so you're bang on if that's what you were trying to achieve.


I'd certainly not be disappointed if I saw you on the bill at a concert I was attending.

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Guys thanks very much for your comments and advice :) I kinda like lots of music, GBV, teenage fanclub, The vaselines, eugene Kelly, velvet underground, lots of alt country, stereolab etc etc etc.. Just love melodious things lol.. Good to see there are lots of musicians and listeners still kicking around the north east and a lot of them on this forum.. Cheers :)

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Hi there, I play all the stuff on the tracks so would be tough live. Was in a band with a lad from the forum for years but when the band split I just went into hiding wrote little tunes lol.. Looking forward to hearing tracks from the covers project you are doing. Listening is as important as playing I think,love listening to new stuff and the dreamy pop/rock stuff is real good :)

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