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Unfortunately i don't get internet in ma new hoose until 10th January. Not being able to play CoD is one thing but missing out on ipad-porn.com is something im not willing to endure....ergo.....does anyone have any suggestions for good 'dongle' deals? Do you have to have them on a fixed contract for a certain period of time or will i be able to get one for a fixed price which will take me up to January?

EDIT - the word 'dongle' makes me chuckle.

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Quite often the dongles get better reception than phones as there is less gubbins inside them. Do none of your neighbours have wifi you can piggy back onto for the promise of some beer/cash/sexual favours?

I have the Three dongle which was £80 for the dongle and 3 months worth of usage, they also do the mifi for £60 with 3GB of data PAYG. Again best to make sure you can take it back for a refund if you can't get a signal (ask for it in writing).

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