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Unholy Vomitus News+free Gig!

sex pest sidca

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Unholy update on a few things:

-4 track EP "The Defilement of Christ" on sale. Only 1.50 (1-UP)/ 1 (gigs)

Get them quick, they're running out fast.

-VOMITUS appearing this Saturday at VALHELLA'S LAST STAND!

11pm - 3am, Dr. Drakes, FREE ENTRY!

Last ever Valhella and also looks like it could prove to be the last Vomitus gig for some considerable time.....

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Guest Sundaram
I'm keen to go to both the FreakOUT night and Valhella' date=' if I can nurse my cash that far.[/quote']

Giving the free ticket(from me) to the Glassel gig a miss then?

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Now I feel really bad!! I'm too knackered to head out at all tonight. (Tues night....recording with cello Duncan followed by Drakes open-mike, Wed night....recording with Cavern Mike, Thurs night.....Duncan's birthday do, Last night....Audio Dropouts at Drakes......Today...no cash, no energy). I wanted to see the Simon Gall Band, but still was unsure about transport, I wanted to see Norman's Fetish, Hex Pens etc (esp. the Void, as I enjoyed the short bit of their set I caught recently). However I apologise all round, as I'm heading for bed right now!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for the offer of the ticket, Philip......I assumed you'd found a home for it (blushing at my bad manners).


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