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I'm not clear what really dissapointed everyone? I thought the actual Alien based stuff was really good. I agree that there was a lot of members of the crew you didn't care about which maybe wasn't the case in Alien but certainly was in Alien 2, 3 and Aliens. Murr is spot on that the Weyland and Vickers stuff was total filler which was annoying as the film didn't need it at all.

Also cinematography and spectacle wise the film was excellent.

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To me, the whole thing just felt pretty lacklustre, lazy and formulaic, from the characters to the filler in the plot.

I thought Fassbender outacted everyone by miles. Rapace was a little too dough-eyed and little girl lost, aside from the obvious point where she seemed a bit more formidable. Then there was the token wise cracking crew, goofballs, disfigured sinister old relative etc. I didn't really find any of the characters particularly endearing or loathsome, the chemistry was pretty frigid and the development almost non existent, which made me pretty indifferent to their on screen fates.

The dialogue was really clunky and everything seemed a bit gung-ho, there were a fair few plot holes too. The landscapes were breathtaking and immaculately shot, particularly the opening sequence, but to be honest, one of the reasons that made Alien such a stylish and genuinely scary film to me was the sheer malevolence of the alien in the dilapidated, claustrophobic industrial backdrop of the Nostromo, the bickering crew and sense of dystopia. It was all a bit glossy and flash for me.

What wasn't flash though- Guy Pearce's makeup. That was a lot of latex.

I think there were some really promising ideas, but they were poorly arranged and executed. I thought the alien centred sequences were suitably gory and fun, but they just made me want to go home and watch Alien more than anything else.

But yeah, it sure was pretty. Where was the opening sequence shot? Iceland?

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