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[May 4, 2012] Deliverance: The Birthday Suit (Rod Jones Idlewild) +... (Banchory, Aberdeenshire)

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With Idlewild still on hiatus, their guitarist Rod Jones has been keeping himself rather busy with a range of projects. Aside from the excellent Fruit Tree Foundation project he's also started a new band under the name The Birthday Suit.

Comparisons with Idlewild are clear, and The Birthday Suit do bear more than a passing resemblance to 100 Broken Windows era Idlewild (as most bands who share songwriters tend to). They have their own identity as well though and Rod has put together an exciting group, receiving high praise for both their debut album - The Eleventh Hour - and their live sets.

Deliverance continues to grow in strength and after the brilliant Meursault and Wounded Knee show in March, we're delighted to put together another blistering bill of music on the noisier side of the spectrum. Supporting the alt-rock of The Birthday Suit are Aberdeen's own hard-to-categorise-but-quite-punky-post-hardcore-emo-shouty types Carson Wells. Promising blasts of 2 minute guitar driven noise and shouty chorus', they're not to be missed!

But tickets on the Barn website: http://www.woodendbarn.co.uk/event/woodend-barn/deliverance-birthday-suit-carson-wells-support

£8/6 in advance (concessions for students/oaps/jobseekers, proof required on the night) £1 more on the door.

Doors at 7.30pm and first band onstage at 8pm

There's regular buses from Aberdeen to Banchory with the 201 stopping just in front of Tesco and we're a 5 minute walk up the hill from there, or the 202/203 stop at the bottom of the drive leading to the Barn.

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Aw, we would've loved to have played this gigggg. Will try and make it along though, even though I'm jealous. Two mighty fine bands. The Birthday Suit were excellent at The Tunnels earlier this month.

I presume this isn't tonight like the date sez?

For the record, Dave, The Deportees would be delighted to get a chance to play out at THE BARN if a suitable slot comes up. :up:

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i pressed enter at the wrong time and it posted the damned event. I've sent Chris a message to edit it. it's on May 4th! 7.30pm for doors and 8pm first band. Another support to be announced shortly.

Adam, I did think about asking you but wanted a different line up from the recent Tunnels gig. Deportees are very much in my thoughts though. :)

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Birthday Suit videos are hard to come by but here's a vid of Rod and Jill O Sullivan singing together as part of the Fruit Tree Foundation. Jill also sings on the last track on the Birthday Suit album.

Incidentally, Jill is in a rather spiffing band called Sparrow and the Workshop who are playing Deliverance on June 23rd :)

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Here is some live Seas, Starry to give you guys an idea of what to expect:

Remember, there is a whole host of tracks to be downloaded for free, here: http://seasstarry.bandcamp.com/

And you can keep up to date with our comings and goings by liking our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/seasstarry

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This Friday! there are regular buses from Aberdeen - Banchory and back again. lots of pluses to coming out here, you don't have to walk through hundreds of office works drunk on pay weekend, no fights, lovely hills and countryside around the barn and we've got a great restaurant next door if you want to come out early and grab some food. The main plus though is that we've got 3 amazing bands who are going to blow the roof off banchory.

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