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I'm a big advocate of the ones covered in tweed, such as this:


The 'vintage style' ones tend to have good solid jacks, and the tweed covering stops a black spaghetti incident in your gig bag. I might order that actually. I got a sweet unbranded orange one from Bruce Millers about a year ago, but it's a bit worse for wear since Min Diesel stole it for a couple of gigs.

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I bought a new guitar cable from Kablonline, very good quality and very reasonably priced (I was also sent a free Kabl plectrum :))..... arrived quickly too (2 days) ..... I heartily recommend !

n.b. only one thing slightly dissapoints me :

The cable I replaced had a button switch to short the cable, which meant you could leave it plugged in, and still be silent, I think that is more versatile than the Kabl shorting system, which has to be unplugged to operate the shorting sleeve on the plug !...

(its not that much of a problem really, I just really liked a button switch)

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