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FS: Cymbals and Drums (maybe)


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16" Sabian HH Crash - Bought 2nd hand for £130 a couple of years ago, now well used with faded logo. Kind of a no frills crash. It is loud, bright and focussed. Will take £60 for it. Emmmm, bargain.

19" Zildjian K Custom Dark China - Probably the best cymbal ever made. Forged by the devil himself, in the deepest depths of hell. Pretty much sounds like a bin lid. Unfortunately, I just have no need for it and I feel it is going to waste. Bought 2nd hand a couple of months ago for £120, used twice, looking for £110. Crocodile.

Now, this is the maybe. I'm selling all this stuff in order to finance a new kit (Hugh_Jazz, take note), so if anyone wants it, and I sell these cymbals, I'll be willing to let my current pride and joy go:

Premier Cabria 5pc; purpley, wood like finish; 12"x7", 13"x8", 16"x18" toms, 20"x18" bass drum (I think, I really ought to measure it) and rack tom mounting system. I think its mostly made of maple (which is apparently really good for a kit of this range).

This kit sounds like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. I'm sure there's a few folk on here that can vouch for its majestey. Very loud (particularly the kick). This kit was £650 new in 2006, I'm looking for £220 o.n.o/o.d.o.t.a.c (or depending on the aforementioned circumstances).


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These cymbals are BACK ON THE MARKET. I'd like to point out that they would make an excellent Christmas gift for people like your mother, aunty or other loved ones.

If I wasn't selling them, I'd probably buy them; it's really an absolute steal. I might even change my mind and become legally married to them instead of selling them.

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I'm still selling it for £60. Shaki (who is my real life brother) offered me £50 and I was like: "I will slap you on the face."

John, I'll sell you the china for £90. Its not mates rates, 'cause I don't even like you. That's a fucking steal though.

To clarify he is selling the crash to me for £60. He doesn't know it yet but when it comes to handing over the money I'm going to ask him if a bunch of fives is ok for payment and then give him a swift upper cut followed by a suplex.

I like you John.

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Thank you Shaki, your brother is really nice in person. But an arsehole on here, which one do i trust?

Did we not recently have a conversation about how much of an arsehole I am? It was because you poured the worst pint ever, and you were then like: "so what? Go deal." Then you slagged off Tennants Lager like some kind of chump. Occassionally I want a frothy Tennants, ok?

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We did discuss what an arsehole you were, we also established the pint was rubbish because it was near the end of the barrel and then i told you when you order Tennants you forfeit the right to complain about taste.

The pint was shit because you poured it badly into an already wet glass...

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