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This is the most SHOCKING piece of shitty, catty, unprofessional behavior I've seen in a while!


For those if you who don't have Facebook, the gist is;

a guy posted a link to his band's newest track

someone asked where it was done and pointed out that the song was pretty good but the production was a bit sloppy

producers from Loop production chimed in (bear in mind this is on the guitarist's profile and the guitarist hasn't said a bad word about the place) and start ripping into the band, using phrases like "Shite in, shite out" and "can't polish a turd"...


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Hmm, very odd. Not sure if he's just grasping at straws or what... I haven't listened to the track (and don't really plan to) but it seems to have descended into a Loop vs. Mackie's (whatever that is) pissing contest.

Think this Dewar bloke hasnae a scooby.

Also, £100 for one day's worth of recording seems a pretty normal deal, dun't it?

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Is he, in reality, as much of a bellend as he comes across in that thread?


He can come off a little abrasive, but I enjoyed his banter. Havnt seen him in a while though.

is the song in question on soundcloud or the likes? I'm at work and can't get on to facebook but i want to hear it

It is. I searched the band name on the soundcloud app and they came up.

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