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....after a lengthy summer hiatus - we're back! This Thursday at the Lemontree in support of SONS AND DAUGHTERS. For the unitiated, we peddle Jason and Scorchers-esque counytry punk rock. Johnny Cash with an AC/DC rocket up his ass, if you will. Big hooks, mighty riffage and huge choruses ("remember them? that's catchy bit that songs used to have before clothes/haircuts/cheekbones became more important than tunes" to paraphrase a wise man) abound, check for yourself:


We're on first, Le Reno Amps are playing to - see the Lemontree forum for details.

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Sons And Daughters are ace, rockin' alt-country that for once doesn't bother to hide their Scottish accents. Their debut EP thing on Domino records is a gleeful thing. Plus for just six quid a ticket you can do a lot worse - Surely both TS and Le Reno Amps must be worth a fiver alone... Gamble a quid on S&D?

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