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Folk/trad collaborators


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Would anyone here be interested in a folk/trad collaboration? I'm looking for other musicians to play with, not necessarily in a band situation. Was thinking of relaxed sessions in people houses rather than a rehearsal room. Playing each other's original material and maybe learning some session tunes and ballads for fun. Very informal and low pressure.

If it all goes well maybe some gigs or help each other out on our own recordings and live work (I'd love to have someone play some fiddle over a few of my tracks).

I'm a guitarist and wannabe singer so i'm looking for fiddles, whistles, banjos, accordians, pianos, or anything else really to join in.

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you could try going along to the Blue Lamp on Monday nights, where a whole host of squeeze box, fiddle and other Folk players meet up and jam...

I thought someone would suggest that. I do keep meaning to go along to a session at some point, but I don't know any of the stuff they're going to play and it's quite intimidating to walk into a room full of strangers and join in.

This is slightly different anyway. I'm thinking more of a small group loosely arranging to meet up at a house and play some tunes and songs. For example I've got a few songs I've written as Causey Mounth and a few ballads I've learnt that I can play and sing and would like other people to play along with them occasionally (I like working on the solo stuff but miss the feeling of playing with others). At the same time it'd be fun to play some other tunes those musicians have worked on and learn some new ones together. It doesn't even have to be trad.

I admit it sounds very similar to a session but it's not. Honest. Maybe call it a living room session...

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Would you be interested in having bagpipes/smallpipes in your folk/trad group, i've been wanting to do something like this for a while but wasn't sure people on here would be into that kind of thing.

The full highland pipes might be a little loud... smallpipes or uillians could be great though :up:

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chris, I understand your point but I'd give it a go and go to sessions, if they are intimidating then thery're the wrong one's! we play with trad musicians, some having been in and out of the band/orchestra. but we're based north of aberdeen (you west?), but if you pick us up on facebook you'll see notices for sessions north. one in banff 22nd oct banff castle before a band gig. these are relaxed have a few drams kind of sessions where you'd be made very welcome. cheers. or email oxbow.lake@btinternet.com you'd then make a lot of the contacts I think you're looking for.

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