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Clearing out: recording stuff and guitar stuff


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I'm looking to raise some funds for a new bike so I'm having abit of a clear out of stuff I don't really use anymore. If anyone would like pictures of anything let me know and I'll get that sorted asap

BEHRINGER MX2004A 12 channel 4 bus mixer - had this sort quiet a few years in good working order and boxed with manual, one or two scuffs but purely cosmetic - 30

EKEYS USB Midi Keyboard - very simple plug in and play, looks new - 15

SHURE PG52 Kick drum mic - only used a few times - 50

SHURE PG56 Tom mics (2 of) - one is newer than the other but both only used a few times - 50 pair

MORLEY classic wah - had this for years but still looks quiet new - 30

BOSS PH3 phase shifter - had this for years but still in good nik - 30

SEYMOUR DUNCAN invader pick up, it's the black one, had this for about three years stuck it in a guitar and then hardly played since, fair decent high output pickup as used by Tom delonge - 40

RIDGEWOOD MANDOLIN, it's got a string missing but not a bad instrument if you're wanting to learn, I've got two books I'll throw in with it - 40

LTD EC50 - had this for probably almost a decade, did me well thru school, for a few chips on the back but the front is in decent condition - 100

If anyone would like to make me an offer I will consider it. Ive got some other stuff I might put up later but I'm not sure how much I want to get rid of.



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