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  1. hey man i'd try blackstar amps they are pretty good i have a ht5 and play rock bluesy stuff they are pretty impressive for a 5 watt amp so maybe see if someone will swap you one or trade yours at a shop for one
  2. Fuck that's pretty piss poo
  3. Sometimes you can get fenders or gibsons that are made the same time same spec but one might sound shit the other sounds amazing. I have played squires that sound good but also ones that should be firewood
  4. Is that an American epi cause the head stocks different
  5. I'm using a fender tele customised with the boss bare knuckle set a gibson lp 70's tribute studio effects boss chorus ensemble phase shifter acoustic sim and nois suppressor fulltone soulbender and Dunlop crybaby from hell to a blackstar ht5r head and 1x12 cab
  6. Go for a paf pro or a sd Jb
  7. I'm fine for acoustics guys lol electrics would be what I'd be after for swaps
  8. Hey there got a freshman 12 string acoustic for sale near perfect condition has a small ding beside the strap peg plays well nice action £100 offers or trades considered
  9. I have this head its awesome like hope you get it sold. Is it the reverb one thats the one i have
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