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  1. Anyone got a guitar shipping box lying around? I can offer the price of a couple of pints in return Alan
  2. More pictures can be provided upon request. Cort Curbow 4 FL Fretless Bass, excellent condition - £175 ono (includes gig bag) Tanglewood TW55A Electro-Acoustic Bass, excellent condition - £350 ono (includes gig bag) Tanglewood DBT SFCE Electro-Acoustic, reasonable condition - £90 ono (includes gig bag) Tanglewood Evolution TFA Orchestra Acoustic Guitar, excellent condition - £90 ono (includes gig bag) Adams W-4102 12-String Electro-Acoustic Guitar, good condition (scratch guard is not original) - £120 ono (includes hard case)
  3. Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal 18” - £120 ono Paiste Rude Crash Ride Cymbal 20” - £150 ono Paiste 505 China Type Cymbal 18” - £80 ono Paiste Rude Hi-Hats Top & Bottom 14” - £200 ono Zildjian Quick-Beat Hi-Hats Top & Bottom 13” - £130 ono
  4. 22” Bass Drum 16” Floor Tom 13” Rack Tom 12” Rack Tom Premier SD Snare 14” x 5.5” 3 x Cymbal Stands 1 x Kick Pedal 1 x Hi-Hat Stand 1 x Drum Stool All the above are packed in transit boxes Looking for £500 for everything!
  5. Anyone got an Xotic Effects EP Booster they're looking to sell?
  6. forgot to mention that it comes with a hard lid!
  7. Diago Showman Hardcase Pedalboad. 750mm x 350mm. Can hold around 15 to 20 BOSS sized pedals. Excellent condition - only ever used in home studio. £50
  8. How's it going, what kind of swap were you thinking of for the guitar. I would be interested in any of those pedals tbh. I also have an old tanglewood bass that does yhe job for recording. Not sure if you sorted yourself out for one yet



  9. I have a TC Electronic Ditto Looper, Electro Harmonix Nano Clone Chorus, ModTone Speedbox distrotion and a Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy.
  10. What kind of pedals are you looking for?
  11. Looking for a bass guitar to add some low-end to my home recordings. Not looking to spend too much - certainly no more than £200 Anything available?
  12. Looking for a good singing teacher in Aberdeen/Ellon area. Any recommendations?
  13. Got any pics? I can PM you my email address.
  14. Thanks for the offer, but I'm looking for a dreadnought sized acoustic ideally.
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