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Dirty Three - Music in a Badge

Monster Zero

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Hearing that we could put an album on a badge seemed so much more than a short lived gimmick.

LOL. Seems like a very short-lived gimmick to me. Because it's an album. In a fucking badge. There's a reason this hasn't been done before.

Killer record, but I'll stick to listening to it on CD on my stereo, or on my iPod. Along with the rest of the music I have bought. Stored. All in one place. Conveniently. Not in a box with loads of pin badges in it.

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believe the main point to these is to enjoy the album as a body of work as opposed to just a random collection of songs. Shuffle is evil

You can load complete albums on an iShuffle as intended, doesn't have to be all mixed up. I usually load up loads of a bands albums onto my Shuffle and listen in sequence. Currently all of Johnny Cash's 'American Recordings' albums. Great wee device and more practical for the daily commute than fucking about with a full size iPod.

I think the main reason it wasn't done before is because, you know, technology wasn't quite there to achieve it..

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