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Les Paul Google - best yet?

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I expect Bigsby and the other Les Paul fanatics have all noticed that Google's logo today is very special one that lets you pluck guitar strings and even record your efforts.


Les Paul: Google's best doodle yet? | Technology | guardian.co.uk


Les Paul: Google's best doodle yet?

We have seen so many different Google Doodles - the customised logos on the Google homepage - since they started in 1998 that most of us barely notice them any more. But there are just a few hours left to appreciate arguably the best Google Doodle yet - a playable, recordable homage to what would have been the 96th birthday of guitar legend Les Paul.

Hardly anything remains of the Google logo itself, abstracted into several guitar strings, bridges, a pick up and a recording button - but brush your cursor over the strings and they strum. Use the keyboard, and you can play chords. Click record - and infuriatingly, this feature doesn't seem to work outside the US - and record a few seconds of whatever you can create and share the URL of that recording. Send that URL to someone else and they can join in on a duet.

Failing that, record it yourself and post to YouTube. Plenty of people already have...

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