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Fix my gear!


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Hi everyone,

I have an amp that needs fixed and a couple of guitars that need set up, is there any all round guitar genius out there who can cut me some sort of deal?

The amp is a fender hotrod deluxe, it isn't registering which channel it's on and is making weird noises that make it sound like an octave filter.

The guitars both just need set up properly, annoying levels of fret buzzing and the action needs looked at on both of them. One is a fender telecaster and the other a gibson les paul.

So if you know anybody who can help me or if you can help me yourself, get in touch!


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Nice one!

Just gave him a ring, seems like he knows his stuff! Have you dealt with him before?

several times he know his stuff inside out, i was there only last week.... ask him about the dumble mods for the hotrod, very nice:love: if your passing peterhead come try mine!

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Yas, Dr Dennis is the damage. Well worth the journey, and his prices are damn reasonable.

Did you come to this thread because you thought it said "Fixed Gear"? I was disappointed too.

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