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MIXED lot for sale!!!

Guest E.C

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Okay, forgive the miscellaneous nature of this stuff, but I've finally realised that my need to eat/survive surpasses my need for new records/DVDs/useless shit.

Laney TubeFusion 320 Combo (without amp) - ??? - Make me an offer.

What was originally one of these:


But with no mesh and the amp part was removed to make a separate head. Speakers still work well, and other than the minor bump in the left speaker cone, no problems. Would work well as a practise cab plugged into a (good) head.


Line 6 Verbzilla - 70 ono

Honestly one of the best effects pedals I've ever used, but I don't really have any use for it, which is a shame. The 'Cave' and 'Octo' settings on this are unbelievable. Quite a reluctant sale, but necessary. Bedroom use only. Comes with original box + leaflets.


EBow Plus - 40 ono

Played around with this, used on some recordings (Dweller/Clearer The Sky) but again, no real solid use for it. Comes with original booklets, box + tape.


Unbranded Tom Mount - 20 ono

Bought for when I was using a different cymbal setup which ended up not working in my favour so I never used it. Braces to a stand/cymbal stand to mount any tom you want, or anything else that fits on that brace size.


Premier Rimz-style mount for 12" Tom - ??? - don't know what its worth. Make me an offer.

Came with my kit, but I prefer using the rack on a snare stand, making this redundant. As I say, not sure what it's worth so if you're interested, fire me an offer and chances are I'll probably accept it.


Travis Barker Stick Bag (Zildjian) - 10 ono

Bought yeaaars ago, literally never used.


Raleigh ISIS Girls/Ladies Bike - 35 ono

My sister's old bike which she has outgrown. Would suit children/teenagers/small people. It's called an ISIS so that is pretty cool.


Basketball hoop + backboard - 15ono

Metal hoop (with net) and comes with sturdy backboard (not pictured because its tucked down the back of loads of stuff) and can be wall mounted. If you like, we have a wooden strut that we used on top of our garage to make it regulation height (10ft) so I can throw that in.



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Used the amp/speakers as an amp for an iPod at a party last week, and noticed the sound only comes out of one of the speakers, making it fairly redundant.

Would give it away cheap as spares/repair???

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