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DEADLOSS MF SUPERSTAR + Critikill + Gutter Godz

The Ghost Of Fudge

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Saturday 2nd July at the Moorings, Fudge Aberdeen present:


Deadloss Superstar | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

Stoner-rock-punk legends Deadloss play their first show since

departing on a charity banger rally from the U.K. to Mongolia

last summer as a special thanks to the Moorings Bar for their

spectacular fundraising efforts. Drummer Pete will also be

playing his final show with the band (getting 11,000+ miles out

of him after an original aggrement for two gigs max isnt bad).

CRITIKILL (Livingston)

CRiTiKiLL | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

Punk band influenced by Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Social

Distortion, Face to Face, Spermbirds, Authority Zero, NOFX,

Misfits, Screechin' Weasel, Ramones, The Clash, US Bombs,

DOA, MC5, The Blood,The Stooges et all.


GutterGodz | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

With an eclectic mix of influences (Thin Lizzy, Motorhead,

Elvis Presley, The Clash, A.I.C. and so on) they created a bit

of a stir in the bar with their glam-punk-rock set last time out.


Plus DJ Beard Fury taking you up to midnight with his usual eclectic

party tunes, and DJ Lucifer's clubnight 'JUSTICE FOREVER' running

til the 3am curfew - "Earth's mightiest rock, punk and metal from

the 90s, 00s and beyond!"

3 on the door, first act onstage about 9pm.

Bands finished by midnight. Strictly 18+ only.

Bottled beers sourced from the furthest reaches of the darkest

continents! Our own brand Moorings Ale! A ninja for a doorman!

A vast selection of draft beers! Proper ciders! T-shirts! Chess!

The legendary jukebox! A colourful cast of regulars! Karaoke!

Connect Four! CAMRA discount! Student discount! There's even

a bloody PIRATE discount if you actually look the part...

The Moorings Bar - The Place Your Mother Warned You About

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My first Moorings gig with Deadloss since the first gig I ever played with y'all. I had about a week to learn all the songs, (which I had to do by myself at home by streaming them on MySpace and working out all the guitar parts), had my first practice with the band on the afternoon of the gig, (which you weren't actually at, and it was the first time I've even met the drummer), then as I struggled to remember which parts I was supposed to be playing onstage, Maxi, Nev and Scorge pelted me with coins. Good chaotic times!

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