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Believe Me

Oedo 808

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I set myself the challenge of recording a song in under two hours. Think it took about three due to me not remembering what all the buttons did but with the exception of the second guitar part I managed every track in one take. Woop! Woop!

More importantly I hope you don't think it's shit.

Robert Knight on PureVolume.com

Believe me

Every thought Im thinking

Every word Im singing

Its all for you; all for you

And every time Im sighing

Like a piece of me is dying

It means Im needing you


Youre by my side

You give me your hand and Ill take it

Squeezed three times means

I.. love.. you..

And were walking

I dont know where were going

But Im happy just knowing that

Im going there with you

Heart ache

We can solve all our problems

If we have will and we want to

Its up to you; and up to me

Imagination embrace it

Reality I cant face it

If its not with you

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