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  1. Rights has little to do with this. Common sense though..... Come on. When you're on thin ice you don't jump around and make a racket. This Fatboy fella has been plain daft from start to finish. His attitude is all wrong and he made several mistakes, which ultimately cost him his job. I hope he finds a new job, I really do. But I hope he seriously rethinks his attitude first.
  2. Hey man. Still got any of this stuff?
  3. This guitar has now been sold people.
  4. Tickets bought. This, people, will be fucking immense. Go and check out his version of the Aristocrats joke on youtube. Disturbing and very, very funny. And I'm a social worker.
  5. I have a Tele for sale, but it's a USA standard, circa 1999/2000. Very nice guitar and in great nick for the age. Yours for around four fiddy.
  6. Tis a good price indeed. Yesterday was a good day but it still didn't sell. Today could be another good day so I'd still be willing to listen to a decent offer of around the 400 mark. The pick up switch toggle has gone walkabout (which they always do on Teles), so I'd be willing to knock 2.50 off the sale price! Comes with a Tourgrade hard case.
  7. Bump. Might let this go for 400 if you catch me on a good day. Today's a good day.
  8. Not in the slightest. This was definately an exceptional circumstance. A total anomoly. We're not a hard band to please at all. The problems were due to the council and their reluctance to pay for a decent PA, and a council-employed sound engineer/stage manager who was clueless and crumbled under pressure. He basically left his college-student protege high and dry. She shouldn't have had to deal with all that pressure on her own while he hid up in the lighting booth. It's already been said but I'll say it again. Kinfofdeon had nothing to do with the problems. The guy was a pleasure to deal with, was humble and apologetic throughout, and at least as embarrassed as we were.
  9. I'm encouraged by everything I've read here. This is actually one of the best threads I've read in a while and it is testament to people's enthusiasm towards local music and to their understanding of the processes involved in playing live that the problems with friday night have been attributed correctly. Now I've had a chance to recover from the disappointment and embarrassment I felt in the immediate aftermath of the show I'm actually able to laugh about just how bad it was up on stage. I remember during the whole of our 2nd song, I had nothing coming through my monitor but bass guitar. Deafeningly so. During the next song this inexplicably changed to lapsteel guitar and piano. It was so loud it was almost painful to stand at the mic. As for hearing my own vocals, you can forget that; Diarmaid's backing vocal was pretty much the only voice I heard all night. Even after we gave up trying to implore the sound girl to make the necessary changes (it was clear it wasn't working) our mixes still changed before and during each song. During our last song, Industry, all I heard was kick drum and snare! booming! Hailey, the sound girl did the best she could under the circumstances. However I've since been told by Ricky (our guitarist and her college teacher) that she didn't even have a channel list in front of her. She had one, then it was inexplicably taken away by her boss just before we went on. He had then made some last minute changes with the channel patching onstage, resulting in Hailey having no clue as to what was plugged in where. So when we were shouting "Hailey! Fiddle!" for 5 minutes before Strip the Willow, it is likely that she had to try every fader in turn before stumbling upon the fiddle track. As a musician I know how we like to moan. The general paying public don't give a shit about onstage sound or monitors. Damn right; why should they? they just pay to see the music they want to see and have a right to expect a certain standard. I'm heartened to hear that most of you guys who were there thought that we did pretty well under the circumstances, Amber too. But The Deportees didn't attain our usual high standards, albeit for reasons largely outwith our control. For that I'm still pissed off and will likely join idol_wild in demanding an explanation from the Council.
  10. That's because they purport to know what they're doing but clearly don't. They shouldn't undertake to provide a particular service if they're not qualified enough to do so.
  11. Amazingly this is still for sale. Come on people, this is a great guitar.
  12. Hi, Modman here, very much alive and well. How else should someone refer to someone else but in the manner by which Christy did? It would be somewhat strange for him to refer to me as I or you wouldn't it now. He could have used my real name I suppose but then that would be just the same. I believe what you meant was the fact that I was talked about in the past tense. Different thing entirely. Odd comment. If you spent an entire 25 minutes reading this thread then how on earth did you come to the conclusion that I called Mingetickler Mingetickler to his face in his shop? That, I certainly did not. Furthermore it wasn't simply the bad service that vexed me in this case. It was the fact that R&B Music rendered my amp unplayable then refused to accept any liability. The fact that they attempted to further rip me off by pretending the problem (that they supposedly couldn't hear) was caused by pre-amp valves, which they went to the trouble of replacing and attempted to charge me for. It was further compounded by the fact that they insulted me instore, and didn't bother responding to my letter of complaint. Plus they refused to serve me a cream-cheese bagel and coffee when I asked for one. Cunts. I'm certainly not aware of my lauding Bruce Miller's at any stage during my posts. Your BM reference is therefore somewhat incongruous in the context of the discussion, which is, I believe, about R&B music. But feel free to start your own thread on the intrinsic problems of music stores that also sell sandwiches and hot drinks. I'm sure you'll get quite the response.
  13. And writing a reply letter shows more committment to ensuring that your loyal customers are respected.
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