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Fraser Mac

Xbox Games, 9.1megapixel camera 4GB Memory card

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Ghostbusters - 20ono

Kane and Lynch - 5

Mirrors Edge - 5

Kengo Zero - 5

Fallout 3 - 10

Or all for 35.



Panasonic Lumix DMC-Tz5

9.1 megapixels, video, 4GB scandisk memory card,

RRP 150, Yours for 70.

Has no charger, charges from any of these three usb ports,



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I'm skint,I can wave 50 at you for the camera as I need a spare.


Sorry guy, I bought it off him yesterday. Got a charger off eBay for a fiver, and the memory card fits in my USB connector. Bang! Job's a good un.

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