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Rehearsal Rooms in Aberdeen.

RF Scott

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Hey guys,

The band I play in called Copy Haho are looking to rehearse one or two times in Aberdeen this week. It'll be the first time we'll have practised up here for ages, SO what I'm asking for help and suggestions on is...rehearsal rooms!

Basically, I've just had a look at Captain Toms and Musical Vision, and both are fairly overpriced (and from what I can remember the equipment is a bit duff). To compare, the place that we've been practising at recently is 9 for three hours during the day, and that's with Fender Twins, Ampeg stacks, etc. Captain Toms is 30 for the same amount of time...

Do any of you guys have private rehearsal rooms that you share with other bands? If any of you would be willing to hire your room out a couple of times this week, that'd be brilliant...

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Aberdeen practice rooms are quite highly priced compared to anywhere else it seems. The Old Chapel in Leeds was 15 for 3 hours and had superb equipment. The Kaiser Cheifs used to practice there, and apparently still do from time to time. I was never lucky/unlucky enough to be there at the same time.

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