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Return of the Dangerfields and W.O.R.M, debut of Five Finger Discount, + some top ska


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good for nothing? promotions presents...

W.O.R.M: amazing pop punkn roll band (S.I.D records) www.wormpunkband.co.uk

The Dangerfields: surely the hardest touring band in the UK bring their punk n'roll attack back to Drakes

Pocket Billiards: Ska punk from Belfast

The No Pints: Fast, snotty, pop punk like Screeching Weasel/early Green Day

Five Finger Discount: Aberdeens latest pop punk-sters make their debut!

@ Drakes, 22nd July 2004


4 door tax

3.50 w/mix tape for trade

this is gonna be one of the best gigs of the summer! dont miss it

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Guest scott cs.

i think we'll be dragging around 20 people to come see us. my friends from Wick and Fraserburgh are even coming in, which is nice of them.

can't wait now, really excited!

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haha it doesnt matter ...The No Pints have 8 gigs left for anyone that cares...they shall be:

22/7: @ Drakes as you now all know

28/7: @ Hull, Ringside w/Swordface

29/7: @ Goole, The Old George w/the dangerfields, w.o.r.m, shuriken and the dregs

30/7: @ Leeds, The Packhorse w/the dregs, shuriken and die for

31/7: @ Falkirk, Jacks Bar w/The dregs, shuriken and the declined

1/8: @ Newport on Tay, Rios w/shuriken and 3 times round

20/8: @ Kef w/broken sunshine + more

9/9: @ Drakes w/groovie ghoulies, the dangerfields and karloff (what a way to end it!)

hopefully by thursday we shall have beautiful, black badges for people to wear with pride...altho we havent practised in a month so if we're awful, maybe no one will want any

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I was there and it was pretty damn great! A most enjoyable evening!

Missed the No Pints AGAIN which may be a total sickener if it's their last Aberdeen gig but Kirk, ever the gentleman, would not get angry with me...I need to be punished!!! :p

Five Finger Discount will be pretty cool if they drop the covers when they've got enough original material, Pocket Billiards were great [and will be played at the Moorings tomorrow fact fans :p ] and the Dangerfields were again rocking the house. Not as loud as I've heard them in Drakes but definitely as pleasing - roll on August the 13th!! :up:

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Guest scott cs.

we plan to drop Just A Girl before the next gig, if we get to learn a new one that has a cool riff by Dane. Pocket Billiards were awesome, bought their CD, hopefully they'll come back again. The Dangerfields rocked the house, but when don't they? Belfast Girls is my fav Dangerfields song, so was nice to hear that.

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