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Jo McCafferty on Original 106/New Album


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Jo will be doing an acoustic session on Original 106 on Sunday 31st on Andrew Learmouth's show.

Jo will be releasing her first new album in 5 years on the 12 March. Recorded at Ford Lane Studio's in 2009 'Overtaking on a Bend' will be Jo's first full 'band' album, and will be released with a gig at the tunnels on the 12th March. The album consists of 22 tracks and is a mix of old favourites.and new songs. Some of these songs that have been rcorded before take on a whole new life with most of the instrumentation being done by strings and brass section instead of the usual acoustic guitar.

Hope you like and some will tune in - or just be listening anyway anf enjoy what you hear :)

Jo McCafferty on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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Sorry, for her album!

Aaah yes that i can do:

Overtaking on a Bend


Becoming Myself Again

Lay With Me

Half of One

If I Say


Sleepy Man

Easier Said Than Done


Page 94

Faster in the Dark




Tears 1995

Nothing Room


Dangerous Ground

Running Out of Air

Wont Let You Down


Love 2

Cant Find Love


A mixture of older and new tracks.

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