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Rough Demo Uploaded


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Hi all....

Just want some feedback on my first attempt at recording and uploading an mp3 to my myspace....

Its just a backing track of Quo's Rain, with me playing rhythm (in open G) just instrumental, NO vox....

I used my Zoom G2.1u as interface and Cubeace LE...which I still haven't really got to grips with yet....

(may have to reduce the gain a bit or select a more appropriate patch!!)


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If I were you, I'd look at picking up an amp modeller of some sort to get a better/more appropriate tone. A second hand pod would be fine - I still use an ancient Boss GP20 (I think that's the number) for all my demos. There's always Guitar Rig too.

Does your amp have a recording output? If so, you could maybe try that.

As for the music itself, I've no real frame of reference to judge (I know it's the Quo but that's it!). All sounds pretty tight though.

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Tell you what, these are good! I used to love the Quo when I was younger. This kind of stuff is completely different from what I listen to or usually seek out, but it's done very well. Get yourself a good singer and you'll be on to a winner.

No cynicism here, genuinely enjoyed that. A trip down memory lane, and very tight to boot.

[EDIT] Just realised that the songs aren't all instrumental! [/EDIT]

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