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Meursault + Holy Folks (solo) + Debutant | 9th Nov | The Tunnels

Guest idol_wild

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Guest idol_wild



Meursault on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Pronounced "Murr-So", Meursault are a band from Edinburgh. In 2008 they were entered at No.16 into Sweeping The Nation's Top Albums of the Year [which is, basically, a culmination of UK Bloggers' favourite albums]...not a shabby achievement considering they are alongside such bands as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, British Sea Power, Mystery Jets, and even beating The Klaxons as well as another 30 other well known bands.

"Clasping together starry-eyed electronica with cotton-picking wreaths of banjo plucks and ukulele strums, their debut album Pissing On Bonfire/Kissing With Tongues is an unassuming triumph of glum-pussed Scottish charm..." - DROWNED IN SOUND

"4/5 Meursault are the most exciting band to emerge from the capital since Found..they variously recall a lo-fi, rough edged Arcade Fire and Thom Yorke's solo album The Eraser...it'd be a crime if this fine band got overlooked" "...what mostly makes Meursault stand out from the crowd is the quality of Pennycook's songs, which are simultaneously romantic, intensely bleak and wryly funny" - THE SCOTSMAN

"...strong on existential angst, Arab Strap rage and self loathing...equally capable of the lovelorn misery of King Creosote or James Yorkston... Meursault do it uncommonly well:completely absorbed and unselfconcious, they vitally don't use the noise as an excuse not to write any tunes" - WORD magazine

HOLY FOLKS (Stew solo)

HOLY FOLKS! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Holy Folks are a band From Aberdeen. Folk influenced Pop Rock music and high energy live shows are what they do.

Neither Cult Classic or Best Seller, Holy Folks formed in Late 2005. Matthew O'leary & Stewart Ross are two local Aberdeen loons playing "interesting" music that has been discribed as 'Acoustic Pop' & 'Antifolk'. In the past they have supported fine musical acts such as Aberfeldy, Dufus, Kitchen Cynics, Lach, Chris T T, Frank Turner, Mia Riddle - and were also part of the Beautiful Cosmos: Tribute to Ivor Cutler.

Stew will be doing this comeback gig solo, but you should still expect it to be highly enjoyable, witty and utterly smile-inducing even though its only half of the best duo since adam and eve.

"awesome -***** 5 stars" - Jeff Stelling

"Just what the music scene needs...mair shite" - Dad


Debutant on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Having recently relocated to Edinburgh from Aberdeen, Debutant (aka Phillip Quirie) is excited about returning to see some friends.

A combination of simple, dreamy songs augmented by a build-up of shimmering atmospheres. Think textured one-man dream-pop.

"Debutant does something rather different with the one man and a guitar formula. Armed with a bank of effects pedals, his set built from a delicate, gentle instrumental introduction through a course of well-crafted songs and shimmering sounds not generally associated with guitars. Compelling stuff." - WHISPERIN AND HOLLERIN

"Influenced by a leftfield range of artists that includes Eluvium, Slowdive and Mogwai, Debutant is the latest exponent of the loop pedal, which Phillip uses to stunning effect to create glacial, transcendent post-rock that almost seems to slow your pulse and raise hairs on your neck." - THE SCOTSMAN

"Thirst was the track that introduced Glasgow PodcART to this artist. One of the simplest yet effective songs you are likely to hear. You are almost able to breath in and out with every swell; it compels you to do so. His breathy vocals are so calming that any sense of restlessness or tensity one might have is eradicated. The signature rapid guitar strumming that Debutant uses is more momentous in this song than any other he has produced. What you will find is that in special instances like these your heart will skip a beat." - GLASGOW PODCART



8PM 5

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ace ace ace gig!

debutant was amazing, almost perfect in fact. wonderful soundscapes which wash over you. my only niggle is that it could use some kind of percussion just to hold it together. even some loose drum programming on a couple of songs or something but that's a minor complaint. phil has honed this into a wonderous beast.

holy folks were great too, full of humour and stew has a cracking voice.

meursault stole the show though. they were truly immense. neil has one of the most distinct voices around just now and his songs are just a different class. phil has slotted in nicely on guitar too. seriously deserve to be absolutely massive.

good work andy!

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Guest idol_wild

I love that Debutant photo, Dave!! Awesome stuff.

I, and the rest of the Meursault lads, absolutely loved this show. Thanks to Andy for taking a bit of a risk with this on a Monday night, but it was refreshingly well attended and we all agreed that was the best Meursault show in Aberdeen.

We'll be back next year. ;)

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Guest idol_wild

quick couple of pictures from the gig before i go to bed. will post a full set on my site tomorrow.

Any update on this?

I tend not to bother about live gig photography, but I think some of yours are truly outstanding. Pursue it.

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