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  1. Pancho

    KK & Booker songs

    I really like this. Good work. Tell your pal too!
  2. Pancho


    You'll be booking them for Dublin then? Yas!
  3. Pancho

    Virus hypochondria!

    Cheers Chris, I use Acrobat Standard and it had no available updates, does that mean I was already protected? What kind of symtoms should I expect if the blighter did get through? H
  4. Pancho

    Virus hypochondria!

    I need some advice, yo! A pdf document (called changelog.pdf) automatically downloaded itself through FireFox from one of those "win something for nothing" websites. It originated (so said the FireFox download manager) from a .ru address. When I went to delete the file I accidentally opened it. It told a warning, possibly something to do with no text, I closed it and sent it to the recycling bin. Pretty dodgy. My antivirus (fully updated sophos) hasn't picked up anything. Should I trust it and carry on using internet banking etc. or is there further steps I should take? Cheers in advance for any help, H
  5. Pancho

    The Strokes

    I agree, one of Lemon Tree's best.
  6. Pancho

    The Wire - The best TV show ever?

    HaHa! Dominic West at the end of that clip is hilarious!
  7. Pancho

    The Jan Deal Smashing Pumpkins News Thread

    Pitchfork: Smashing Pumpkins' D'Arcy Speaks!
  8. Pancho

    New "artist" - Debutant

    - Phill Kartta busting out a legendary solo.
  9. Pancho

    Rent a bike in Aberdeen?

    Becycle (Don St, Old Aberdeen) recycle old bikes and then lend them out (for free!). It kind of works on a library type idea, you have the bike 'til a set date unless someone else requests it. It's a great scheme and they're really nice folk - if you have a broken bicycle you can take it in and fix it using their tools. Apparently they also run "workshops where they exchange skills, spare parts and tools". beCyCle P.S. Humey Whilem is a big dutch wimp - Aberdeen didn't have enough canals for him to cycle along.
  10. postman pat postman pat etc
  11. Pancho


    yeah it's taken me a while to get over it... i thought of scottish children's tv programmes and the runs.
  12. Pancho


    from what i've heard of it, the new one will be tip-top.
  13. Pancho


    Well good work, might have to take a long weekend trip!
  14. Pancho


    Ambient Texans for fans of Mountains, Efterklang, Hauschka etc and it appears someone was on the ball enough to book them for the Tunnels in May... anyone want to own up? balmorheamusic.com Balmorhea on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads