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Aberdeen council cut backs wont ruin Hogmanay Party with late replacements

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A move to scale back Aberdeens Hogmanay celebrations to save money has been approved, meaning the annual street party is being scaled down.

Acts such as The Proclaimers and Travis have brought in the New Year at concerts at the Castlegate in previous years.

Councillors considered a report on Tuesday suggesting it was no longer financially viable for such a show with such big stars and have decided to put on form their own band with local celebrities. Charlie Allan may not be the best looking or have a great voice but does a great rendition of Fairy Tail of New York on the spoons. He will be joined onstage by Martin Ford (Donald the wig trumps adversary) who can play the paper-comb while doing a river dance like Michael Flatley.

However the star for the show and taking up most of the budget is the Return of the Tango Man. Jimmy Calderwood has spent just over 438,599 (about half of his Aberdeen pay-off) in the last 4 months on sun beds and cheesy salons and is need for some more wonga. Famous for his musical farts he adds that missing ingredient to complete the band, and also provides an alternative fuel to roast your horse chestnuts.

Instead of a Hogmanay fireworks display it has been agreed Jimmy will let one rip at Midnight......

Aberdeen council cut backs wont ruin Hogmanay Party with late replacements Pigeon Project

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