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  1. The first independent Movie made by Pigeon Project. An excellent script written by Jamie Marshall. The pigeon project tech team may not have been able to give it justice in the filming, but Rome wasnt built in a day. Outline to the Movie Horror Movie set up in a Scottish Glen, where a Bald American Hill Walker discovers a village of very hairy men and wants to know the secret. However this leads him to face the 'Duck of Death'. Please visit the following link to view the first part of the film What I appreciate about this Forum is the users will be brutally honest on what they thought. All constructive feedback welcome in this post
  2. The return of Optimo on the 2nd of April. Back to regular first friday of the night slots Back at Origin, this time in its new location... .. Aberdeen's only real sound of the underground Tez ...... congratulations for keeping it real .......8-)
  3. Billionaire Donald THE WIGGGIE-MEANIE-POO Trump calls salmon fisherman dirty, smelly and a loser after his mother goes to court to stop home being seized for development. The billionaire issued an abusive attack on Michael Forbes, the salmon fisherman and quarryman who is resisting the resort, after Forbess elderly mother began legal proceedings to prevent the local council seizing her home by compulsory purchase. Trump claimed Molly Forbes, 85, who lives in a static caravan called Paradise next to her sons home, was being exploited to further her sons personal vendetta against him. In a statement issued from his New York offices last night, Trump said Forbes has always been dirty, sloppy and unkempt in his personal appearance and demeanor, unlike me with my double breasted suit, clean socks, freshly pressed y-fronts and expensive wig. He is a loser who is seriously damaging the image of Aberdeenshire, while I represent what is greedy about Las Vegas. His property is a disgusting blight on the community and an environmental hazard, with leaking oil containers, rusted shacks and abandoned vehicles dumped everywhere. It is a very poor image and representation for the world to see of Scotland. I want it to be converted to the staff entrance for my very expensive hotel that none of the locals can afford to enjoy Trumps attack has significantly increased the likelihood that he will ask Aberdeenshire council to arrange an old school wrestling match at the Castle Gate between Trump the Wig & WCWs Vince McMahon against Michael Forbes Mum and the other residents who are refusing to vacate their properties. Trump believes his famous Inverted facelock camel clutch will force a submission and enable him to demolish every property within the resorts boundaries unnecessary to his development. Trump insists the land is essential to the 1bn project, and if it meant he had to try a high risk maneuver off the top rope just like the Undertaker, body slamming an old lady to get his way, then he is prepared to do it. Mrs Forbes yesterday applied to the court of session for an interim interdict, or injunction, after the council decided in September to grant Trump outline planning permission for all five parcels of land involved. She accuses the council of breaching planning and European law charges rejected by Aberdeenshire and Trump. She said: I never expected in my life to face eviction from my home, let alone for a golf course. This is not a battle I would ever have sought, but Mr Trump better watch out as even though Im his senior in years I can still invert my famous Figure Four Ankle Lock, which will leave that fat American and his wig screaming in pain. For the rest of the Story visit the Pigeon Project
  4. A move to scale back Aberdeens Hogmanay celebrations to save money has been approved, meaning the annual street party is being scaled down. Acts such as The Proclaimers and Travis have brought in the New Year at concerts at the Castlegate in previous years. Councillors considered a report on Tuesday suggesting it was no longer financially viable for such a show with such big stars and have decided to put on form their own band with local celebrities. Charlie Allan may not be the best looking or have a great voice but does a great rendition of Fairy Tail of New York on the spoons. He will be joined onstage by Martin Ford (Donald the wig trumps adversary) who can play the paper-comb while doing a river dance like Michael Flatley. However the star for the show and taking up most of the budget is the Return of the Tango Man. Jimmy Calderwood has spent just over 438,599 (about half of his Aberdeen pay-off) in the last 4 months on sun beds and cheesy salons and is need for some more wonga. Famous for his musical farts he adds that missing ingredient to complete the band, and also provides an alternative fuel to roast your horse chestnuts. Instead of a Hogmanay fireworks display it has been agreed Jimmy will let one rip at Midnight...... Aberdeen council cut backs wont ruin Hogmanay Party with late replacements Pigeon Project
  5. After a wig show straight out of Las Vegas, Aberdeen Councillors have rejected a call to rule out using compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) to move people from where Donald Trump plans his 1bn golf and wig resort The homes and land of four people are being targeted as part of the US tycoon's plans for Menie. Aberdeenshire Council were given the run around by Trumps Wig and decided it was inappropriate to reject the use of CPOs completely without realising that his wig needs the whole estate to chase sheep and cattle. Angry Menie homeowners said the council decision was "a disgrace" and was based on "wig high jinks". The Trump Organisation had asked that a full report on compulsory purchase orders not be submitted to this meeting of the council to give more time for negotiations with the four owners who have refused to sell their properties. The council meeting took place the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC) on Thursday. Scores of protestors turned up, with signs such as "Stop the Trump clearances", You Smell of Poo and Your Wig Stinks. However little did they realise that Trumps Wig would be there and rounded them up like an episode of one man and his wig. The sleek wig movement and aggressive growls made the wig a match for any of the protestors who fled shortly afterwards. The motion on the issue was proposed by Councillor Martin Ford, who chaired the council committee that originally rejected the proposal for the development. That proposal was later called in by the Scottish government, and approved. Mr Ford said of the vote: "This is a Wiggie failure of the leadership by the council big time and it's very disappointing indeed. I realise Im a posh prick, who has a track record of manipulating the media to feather my own nest and political aspirations. However due to my full head of hair I was not expecting the underhand wig attack. "The position the council has taken is that it probably, almost certainly, won't use compulsory purchase, but it won't say so due to Trumps Wig. "They should have had the wig lifted from them today once again the council has let the residents of Aberdeenshire down." The Tripping Up Trump group handed in a petition against the plans which it said contained 15,000 names of people who has wigs which look better than Trumps. Mr Trump's son, Donald Trump Jnr, earlier said the owners had been offered a range of new wigs in addition to the 15% premium on market value. He said they had also been given the chance to buy new homes at cost price, and a lifetime of free wig training classes to sweeten the deal. Mr Trump has said he hopes to create the "world's greatest" golf resort at Menie, plus lets his wigs enjoy the Scottish Air. His wig was unavailable to comment. VISIT THE PIGEON PROJECT FOR MORE WIG NEWS METROPOLIS PRESENTS OPTIMO @ THE FORUM - 10TH OF OCTOBER
  6. An Aberdeen house was badly damaged after scores of youths apparently gate-crashed a dancing competition. It was actually posted on facebook and then a heap of young ruffians turned up and one thing led to another. Police had to send several officers to deal with a large congregation of youths in Morningside Avenue, in the Mannofield area, on Friday night. It is understood the granddaughter of the retired owners who were away had been planning a sensible rave but it just got out of hand. A Grampian Police spokeswoman said one person was arrested for found acting like a tree in the garden after it was believed he had been eating fourteen sherbit dips. Visit the Pigeon Project Website Pigeon Project for up-to-date nonsense
  7. Optimo return to the city with Metropolis.... This time in the Forum ..... Expect a MASSIVE ROCK NESS Sound System for the GIG... ...Ear PLUGs recommended
  8. Thanks Mondy The date is the 24th of April. Friday night. Please come in before the 12.30 curfew otherwise it will be full
  9. Optimo returns to the city in Aberdeeen's Premier Underground Club - Origin. After the sell out last year, we expect another busy one from Twitch & Wilkes Doors Open from 11pm No Tickets. Early Arrival Essential
  10. Metropolis are proud to present Optimo (Espacio) Optimo (Espacio) is a club night in Glasgow that was started in November 1997 at The Sub Club by dj's JD Twitch and JG Wilkes. Both these djs were tired with their firmly rooted techno-based nights and decided to form a new, more satisfiying and creative club. Both the founding djs at Optimo came to the formation of the club from backgrounds in programmed beats, and what was generally know as techno at the time. Twitch was a resident at the Edinburgh based night Pure while Wilkes was based at the Glasgow event "Knuklehead" (later My Machines). Both were disillusioned with the musical limitations which their respective residencies provided, and decided they needed a change to try something which would be both totally different, and totally unrestrictive in terms of what they could decide to play. The best description of the club, and the nature of the night, is through the origin of the name. Optimo is a song (released in 1983) by Liquid Liquid. The historical and cultural origins of Liquid Liquid would provide the inspiration for the ethos of the club; a return to the spirit of early 80's New York where many nascent scenes were emerging (hip hop, punk, no-wave, disco, gay, straight, art) all separate from each other but all united in a totally open attitude to experimentation and unequivocal challenge to creative boundaries or conventions. Guided and inspired by this ethos, Optimo quickly became an infamous Glasgow clubbing institution, with parties renowned for their outrageous disregard for genres or musical restrictions, where the rhythmic soundtrack of the night could (and often did) strike out into territories far beyond the normal boundaries of a club night. As the club developed and its reputation grew the Optimo djs made connections with many emerging artsts Peaches, LCD Sound System, The Rapture, Franz Ferdinand - providing many of them with their first shows in the UK. The most important of these new alliances was with Paris based Label Tigersushi, who gave the club an opportunity to release their first offical mix CD How To Kill The DJ Vol. 2. The release of this mix, and the critical acclaim that followed, would catapult the duo into the international gigging circuit and over the next few years would see them travel across the world, taking the Optimo party aesthetic to England, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, France Spain, Holland Belgium Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Greece, Bratislava, Czech Republic, Serbia, USA, Canada, Brasil, South Africa, Japan and Australia. Optimo have raised the benchmark for what is expected in terms of a nights clubbing, a maverick determination demonstrated by release such as How To Kill The DJ Vol. 2 (Tigersushi), "Psyche-Out" (Eskimo Recordings) and most recently with their contribution to the Sub Club's "20 Years Underground" (Soma) double CD release. However, Optimo is not just about the music, its heart is the people that come to the club in their hometown of Glasgow. And when traveling to another club no matter where that might be the ethos remains solid. As no two audiences are the same, therefore no two sets are the same, no two mixes identical, everything springs from the spirit of the crowd and the rhythm of the moment. We love your ears!
  11. Mr Man is fresh back from his Debut set at the Detroit Music Festival playing at the Sioree Records Party get ready to rock!!!!! :up::up:
  12. JonnyKnight was a pioneer in the birth of the West Coast House Music Scene. A proponent of all things deep, playing regularly alongside the likes of Halo, Hippe, Johnny Fiasco, Doc Martin, Miles Maeda, Wally Callerio & Dizzy, Jonny's soul-chord shaking music has found him rocking floors and smoothing out lounges on both sides of the Atlantic. He's held residencies at San Diego's best clubs for over 10 years with few matching his dedication to the Underground........ Doors from 11ish after Cage the Elephant.......:up:
  13. The Pigeon Project Presents the start of its Monthly Clubnight The night is an offshoot of the local record label which is about to have its second release... The night is to bring you a blend of House and Techno featuring residents Stewart Wilson & Mr Man Doors open from 11pm ........MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW SHORTLY:up::up:
  14. Thanks for the positive feedback on the pigeon project and your thoughts on Stripey Remix. However I beg to differ. I will be releasing the track, so it will be up to the public to decide. But that is what is great about music and forums like these is to get people's opinions and thoughts on music. :up: Alex you seem to be Knowledgeable about music so please continue to comment on all future release's ........
  15. I like what Striphy is trying to do. Not everyone's cup of tea. His production is getting better all the time. Alex What do you think of his remix of 'No More War' Click the link below. MySpace.com - Pigeon Project Label - ABERDEEN, UK - Electronica / Hip Hop / Disco House - www.myspace.com/pigeonprojectlabel
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