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Sky Larkin / Copy Haho @ Cafe Drummond, 5th Oct 2009


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There were bits I liked and didn't like about this review.

You use good similies, the Hello Kitty one raised a smile. And you know yr stuff, very precise details of song titles etc. But I don't think you capture the atmosphere of the show all that well, and there are times where it was a but more like a football match report than a gig review, but maybe that's just me. What I sort of mean is, that as a review, it didn't seem to flow terribly well.

And I really don't like the comparison between Copy Haho and The Libertines.

That said, you're still a fairly decent writer, and it's good that you're covering shows in Aberdeen.

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I'm sorry but I didn't enjoy this review for a few reasons;

"If guitar rock is actually dead..." - I don't know where you're getting this from? I've not heard anyone say that, though maybe we just read different things.

Describing the audience as "partisan" is surely a defunct statement as people paid to come see them in the first place?

"Like a Hello Kitty with knives for hands, there`s something both cute and dangerous about Sky Larkin." - This is a fairly crineworthy metaphor.

I don't mean to be a dick but the whole thing reads as though it's been written by a fifteen year old reporting on what he got up to at the weekend. It doesn't flow very well.

That being said you've obviously done your homework (no pun intended) and taken note of the setlist, researched the bands etc so fair play to you on that.

And this made me laugh to myself;

"...around me, the familiar musk of testosterone-charged young men..."

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