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Okay, i've just downloaded this too for a shottie - seems really good but how can i specify which files I want to download from a torrent? In utorrent it comes up with a window showing the files within the torrent and you could specify what you wanted to download. Can you tell me if you can do this as it's an essential feature for me.


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I've gone back to utorrent.

Couldn't figure out Vuze - far, far too complicated and I was getting sick of "HD content" being shoved down my throat. There's far too much going on and I hate programs that try and make you do what it wants you to do or when you have to look at certain things when it boots up. The fact it has to boot up is annoying enough in iteslef. utorrent comes up instantly with a list of the files in a torrent - you click what you want and it's away It's also a far lighter application and therefore better in my book. Also, haven't seen a slight change of speed between the two apps using optomised settings. I had a right good trawl round the web and tried a few different settings combonations and used what I reckoned best for each app. Doesnae seem to make any kind of difference.

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