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Codes In The Clouds (Erased Tapes) looking for Aberdeen date

Dizzy Storm

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Codes In The Clouds on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

another Erased Tapes beauty, but im unable to help out on this occassion...can anyone else? looking for date around 22/23 June. or i may direct them even further north to Invernes..

anyone that wants to help them out can contact Robert at records@erasedtapes.com

some info/quotes for those unfamiliar..

'This Kent-based quintet find themselves on the cusp of what looks to be a very promising career!' Ones To Watch in 2009 Rock Sound

'Distant Street Lights screams the word Ambition! with every subtly-crafted chord. Fractures is possibly the most gripping piece of music you'll hear this year, almost like the final chapter from a Jack Arnott novel.' (8/10)

Single of the Week Drowned In Sound

'Upon hearing Distant Street Lights I was drawn in like the proverbial moth to the flame, while Fractures fuelled my appetite for more, its an album we really want.'

The Silent Ballet

'With their blissful brand of post-rock, this quintet will warm many a jaded soul.' The Best New Music Rock Sound

'Featured track On The Radar.'

Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1

'I love every second of it!'

BBC Radio Northern Ireland

'One of the best tunes i've heard in a while, like mogwai having a punch up with boards of canada. Superb! Another play this week and more to come.' Isles FM (Scotland)

'There's incredible depth here for a band at the start of their career.' (4/5) High Voltage

'Even though its probably our ignorance, we've yet to find a strong British act that rivals some of the better foreign post rock artists. Guess what? We think weve found one.'

- HecklerSpray.com

'Easy comparisons of their work float right to the top with all the gusto that youd expect of Explosions In The Sky or Mogwai. Hailing from the UK, Codes starts with all the right moves and then goes quiet only to erupt in a monolith of sound minutes later.' The Drop (US)

'An epic, majestic take on swooning post-rock. Weaving spidery guitar lines across a landscape of subdued drum patters and gorgeously strewn outbursts of distortion, Distant Street Lights is a song that wallows in waltz-like post-rock beauty, militaristic drum beats punctuating the post-rocking instrumental sublimity.'

UK Music Search

'A highly successful exercise in epic instrumental music.'

Boomkat Records

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