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Hi-res camera


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Photo taken with a hi-res camera at the Obama inauguration. The camera has stupid amount of megapixels meaning you can zoom in for detailed close-ups on nearly the whole crowd. Most of my afternoon at work consisted of trying to spot famous faces in the crowd, apparently Robert De Niro is visible but all I could spot was Barack Obama (who doesn't count I guess) and some random punter who looked a total fanny in a pair of bright blue earmuffs.

Impressive anyway and a bit of fun.


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Its not a panoramic camera necessarily. Its about 150 photos all stitched together at the edgeas, which is why there is some clipping at the edges.

no sorry, I meant images stitched together to form a 'fake' panoramic like:


is a more artistic way of doing the same style or...

Union Terrace Gardens Pano on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

is a 360 panoramic using images stitched together

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