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Synth/Sample Sounds Mixer, from the Casio to the Moog, anyone who plays the Pantomime 4 reworked through an old brown brouge, Trance/Dance Saxaphone, Wah-Wah Trumpet vocals, Dub/Trombone, Shaker/Bell players, Hand Drums, Leg Bells, Nose Pipes, a lonley crab called Eric, playing the Spoons... Two small Crayfish who go neeep!

Anyone who has ever heard Burnt Sugar, Yo Miles, Re-Animated Live!

I am going to run open sesions at Musical Vision starting next month, if you can play what you don't know, then come along for five minutes or five hours...

the aim of the jam, record everything, cut and paste something unscripted, a one off from the night. Send out an MP3 copy to everyone involved, light blue touch paper and see what happens, if it works, do it again, but never the same thing twice... or indeed once...

go on dip a toe in the water...

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