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  1. Paul88

    New project

    Alright Chris, hope you've been well. Cheers for the feedback. I see what you mean about the end it's played to a metronome but it still doesn't quite sound right. I think i need to make the start of the song a bit more eventful aswell.
  2. Paul88

    New project

    I messed up the link. The working link is: This Odd Mechanism - Tracks - SoundCloud
  3. I've started a new project and I'm looking for feedback. http:soundcloud.com/this-odd-mechanism Let me know what you think.
  4. Overall I would say it could be improved. The piano hook contrasts quite well with the aggressive drums and bass and it's nice to hear a dubstep song in a major key. But the song feels like it needs an extra part like a breakdown or bridge. When the distorted bass kicked in the second time round I felt a little underwhelmed. A good song but in my opinion it could be better.
  5. I quite liked it. I have to agree with Nefarious C. Some of the lyrics are good but some of them seem a bit too sickly for my liking. The song overall seems tight and the singing is very good.
  6. Paul88

    New tune

    Cheers guys. Can anyone give me any specific criticisms. The song still doesn't quite feel right to me. I know next to nothing about recording and production. So any tips would be appreciated.
  7. Sounding good. I don't know why but the production reminds me of the Manic Street Preachers.
  8. Paul88

    New tune

    Hi, Just put a new tune up, it's a bit rough. I'm looking for feedback, so I can make some improvements on it. Bones Phonetic on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  9. 'Kindness' sounds like someone has taken The Horrors song 'Sea within a Sea' and put all the instruments at different pitches and tempos. Utter Pish.
  10. Sounding good. I liked French Microwaves the most.
  11. I'll be honest, I wasn't really into the old stuff. But I really like this. The song grabbed my attention and is quite epic sounding (both instrument and lyrics wise) without being bombastic or bloated.
  12. 'thinkofanamelater' has some good ideas in it but the drums sound a bit weak at parts. The last two minutes of the song seemed unnecessary to me. I prefered 'a beautiful dress' the start and the end are really good (some bits in the middle are too glitchy for me). 'Finishthis' seems more like a single idea expanded on, which I prefer to randomness.
  13. Bump, we've got a drummer on board now. We're still interested in hearing from vocalists and any other musicians.
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