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  1. Infinity Birdseye Maple Top The innovative semi-hollow body, F-holes and pickup configuration are just a few of the characteristics that put the Infinity at the top of the Warwick line. An ovangkol body is capped with a 3/8" Birdseye maple top and its unique, lower horn cutaway allows complete access to the second octave. The hollow design gives great attack, similar to an acoustic bass, without loss of sustain. It is equipped with active MEC J/TJ pickups and an MEC 3 way active circuit. This unique bass has fantastic growling mids, which always cut through in a band setting. The Infinity is a true work of art and is extremely sensitive to all nuances of your playing style. Neck-through-design Ovangkol hollow body, AAAA Birdseye Maple top (bookmatched) with f-holes AAA Birdseye Maple Neck with Ekanga veneer stripes Rosewood fingerboard Scale length: 34" (long scale) 24 frets Active MEC J/TJ pickups Active MEC 3-way electronics Natural Oil Finish, 2-piece Warwick bridge Warwick security locks Black hardware Just-A-Nut III Weight**: 4,3 kg (5-string) : : : : : The Gallery - Bass Merchant London U.K. Bass Guitars, Bass Amplification and Bass Repairs, Camden London : : : : : Guitar Photo's on request
  2. still nae luck ? ok here is a bump
  3. take monty with you Oh no no no no !!!!
  4. you could ask sexytunk his kit is endorsed by thains the baker his bass drum sounds like a rowie bug
  5. That's yer 2nd warning Tunker. Ageist and homophobic in the same week. You are one dirty fat fucker thats not true he has no preference when answering the WLTM adds in the male seeks male catagory in the paper
  6. far is one again ............remind me ????? is it after 5 or 7
  7. i will hold the letter box for you G .............just charge him full price for the amp you sold him ?????
  8. Bored ZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz
  9. bored now................. you win
  10. thats ok i just thought you might have though twice about coming on to my thread as i have been told im an argumentative childish trouble maker anyway so never mind Re: scotland AKA country thang i dont even know the guy so fk knows min absolutly lovin the pish that comes out of his mouth though think he is trying to scare me back in to my bedroom hehehehe
  11. there is only one reason i would need a greenie pole thats to help that auld cooper put his washin oot maybe he is posh and has a tumble dryer not like us, Tinks: I think I might be a bit old for your band but i wish you guys all the best of luck in finding the right one
  12. i know its mental joining the giro brigade soon min once my last 100,000 has gone.....you are right i need to get it sussed like you min get a job that allows me to do this too
  13. bass player looking for new band to argue with ......bargepole needed ....as not to be touched ...........i have tried all the other type of adds like reliable own transport & gear and such like..........they don't seem to work anymore
  14. still not gonna argue I won't
  15. bazz you looking for an argument cause i wont do it............. i wont i tell you.......... im not in the way of doing that and the unicorns are fine thanks for asking
  16. Cooper min i was just in the middle of clearing out the unicorn pens when i saw your add .....................i could give some but as you know im very argumentative so no you cant have none.....! but good luck on finding the players you need .... oh wait........ i think dave gribble knows some superstars but i hope you John & Eric are not bedroom players or you won't get to play with them...!anyway the offer still stands if you need a tibbetan nose flute player for your charley drake tribute act if the Kybosh thing dont work out
  17. also try the Pawn shop on george street that might turn up for ya
  18. saw your photo's of your gear man will keep an eye out for it on my travels, gutted for ya, the sad thing is was prob someone who does not know the value of what you had and sold it for pennies to some amature who is now sitting trying to find the chords to stairway to heaven SHOCKING !!!!!!!
  19. hey dude that looks like bob baxters(DJ) new blone
  20. aye he did think he is gonna try and get a few deps wi my da or something
  21. well bri i never........... i just woke up one day and picked up a bass and by afternoon you know the rest i had to wait foryou and tunk to catch up lol fkn bedroom players
  22. aye but my G string keeps breaking !!!!!
  23. baz , coops check you's trying to nick somebody's keyboard player........... if they had one. ps i can play the tibetan nose flute if anyone is interested.....
  24. guys today i learned that Kev Oliphant had passed away....... formally the drummer of the billy shears band and the alligator haters........if you knew Kev you would know he was one of musics gentlemen ...........Dram for ya Kev
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